Saturday, September 3, 2011

One Large Yellow Book

Take one large yellow book. Remove all the publishers that don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. Then take out all the publishers who say they’re only looking for ‘full length’ novels. Finally, have a search through their book lists and remove the ones that are clearly looking for another type of work (my story is not about vampires nor is it a family dynasty). That leaves me with about 4 publishers who may not throw Orla’s Code straight to the slush pile! There are e-publishers in that group as well. I think the short novel/novella style lends itself to the medium. Interesting to see if e-publishing will change our taste in books...
Now it’s on to the synopsis; they all be wanting different lengths. Everything from a strictly brief overview to a 3 page plot and character description. Proof readers standby...


  1. Sounds hard like doing your CV but more fun I guess right?

  2. Yep, the hard part is definitely over! It's actually a good way to sum up the story in my own mind too.. Love that hat by the way.