Saturday, March 23, 2013

The I.T. Girl Goes Live!

I was heading out the door last night to see a play a friend is in when I got an email from my editor saying The I.T. Girl is available on Amazon! Suddenly there were texts to write, tweets to tweet and a facebook page to update with a status such as 'OMG my book is online and now I'm late'.

Today, as a friend advises, I will try not to stare at Amazon all day. Instead, I have websites, such as this and The I.T. Girl to update. BIOs to change - why do I have so many profiles? - Let people who expressed an interest in the book know it is available, and make time for some general merriment.

Endeavour Press publish novellas and essays, reconnecting with the era of pulp fiction through electronic publishing. Thanks to them for liking The I.T. Girl and doing such a great job with it! And thanks to all my proof readers who put up with my interrogations and helped to shape a book I am proud of.

Oh, if you think you'd like to read an authentic, fast-paced story about what it's like to be a woman in I.T., you can download it to your Kindle from here


  1. Blogwalking...
    That is special moment for you..
    I hope you always success..

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    1. Thank you, Dzaro, for the comment and the follow. I will visit your links.

  2. How cool - congratulations.