Thursday, December 12, 2013

Week 1: Cover Reveal!

With one week to go to publication I am excited to reveal the new cover of Orla's Code!

Bespoke Book Covers created this design over about 4 weeks, starting with a phone call talking about some scenes in the story. I realised I wanted the cover to show all the sides of Orla: the programmer, the party girl, the woman new to corporate London but always feeling in control.

And this is the result: I think it's original and striking and beautiful!

Orla's Code will be available in paperback soon. Details to follow... 

"If you want to get ahead, get noticed," is Orla Hanlon’s motto. New to London and the first female programmer in CouperDaye, a global investment bank, she takes on a high-profile but controversial project.

With her new luxury apartment and a work-romance quietly on the side, Orla thinks she has everything under control.

Until a bug in her code causes chaos on the trading floor and Orla finds herself a scapegoat in a corporate game, fighting to save her new life in London.


  1. Nice! I like it. Everything blends together well. :)

  2. Love it! Really excited about getting my hands on it!

    1. You'll get a signed freebie :)
      I'll send it to you.

  3. That's a gorgeous cover! It's so unique, but I think it blends together so perfectly! Will definitely look for the book when it's out.